Appy Your Body Hunt Dark Passions

No need to apply... The Apply Your Body Hunt is here!

March 04, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Dark Passions' Prize for A.Y.B.H
This month Dark Passions is taking part in a brand new hunt for all the applier lovers out there. This is a great hunt for those that are low on funds and want some new looks for their current mesh parts. Why? Because it is FREE! You heard me correctly all items in this hunt are free for your hunting pleasure!

Where to Start? Click Here for the Apply Your Body Hunt Page

Just want these applier? Teleport To Dark Passions Main Store

Dark Passions Hint: Look up high.. Sometimes my cats like to hide things in the rafters.
              Extra Hint: Rafters are the wooden supports or beams in the ceiling

Happy Hunting!

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