Dark Passions Rockabilly Forever Hunt

Forever Rockabilly Hunt Starts Today!

April 06, 2015Bcreative Wilde

I hope you're ready to rock your inner cherry bomb!

Because Dark Passions is a part of the Forever Rockabilly Hunt . Not only that but we are also a proud sponsor pf this Hunt by Sisters Choice Hunts (SCHunts). There are actually 2  hunt prizes on the menu this round. There are 2 appliers to hunt for but they both have the same textures. One is for Slink and one is for Maitreya. Yes, Because I'm evil you have to hunt for both. The hints are not that hard I promise!

Dark Passions is #4 on the list but don't just stop there feel free to check them all out. The hunt includes 30 designers and has anything from furniture, clothing, cosmetics and even some items for the guys.

Hunt Dates: April 6-27, 2015
Price: 2L (per item)

Dark Passion hints:
  • Hint A. (Slink version) This little birdy likes to hide out near the slink items with roses.
  • Hint B. (Maitreya version) This little birdy likes the color purple & likes to fly outdoors.
Maitreya Version Not  Shown But They Look The Same
The appliers included are only available as Slink & Maitreya appliers ( each hunted separately).
You must own the Slink nails/hands or Maitreya body to be able to use these appliers.
Dark Passions only makes appliers for Mesh body parts.

Now.. Get ready... Start your engines..... and  GO HUNT!

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