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Geek vs Hipster Cart Sale Starts Today!

April 20, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Time to bring out your inner-geek at the Geek vs. Hipster Cart Sale! Sorry I don't have much for hipsters at my booth. You can save up to 50% at my booth and others. My exclusive item is 25% off while all my other items pictured above are 50% off at this event only.

My Exclusive is for the Retro Gamer Geek crowd. Yes... It's time for a Pac-man"icure"!
This item is only for slink for now. If enough beg me for Maitreya it may happen. If you use the new v2 HUD that came in your slink update you can have fun making your own video game map on your nails. How fun is that?

Event Dates: April 20 - May , 2015
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