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Review Of Slink's New v2 Hand & Feet HUD In slGoth Magazine

April 11, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Hand Pose By Signature Pose (Click The Image To Buy)

Did you update your slink hands and feet since the huge update last month?

If you didn't, you don't know what you are missing out on! Even if you did update your HUD maybe you are unsure if you know many of the new key features. If you need help understanding the update for nail lovers then you are in luck.

Dark Passions owner Bcreative Wilde took some time from her busy schedule to review some of the features and cool things you can do with the new v2 Hands & Feet HUD in the new Slink update. Sorry I don't want to spoil all the fun of the article here. So you will have to read more in slGoth.

Where can you read more about this?
  • Grab the April 2015 issue of slGoth in world at most at the slGoth Headquaters or Goth stores & businesses in SL
Pick it up on the front counter at Dark Passions Main Store

Featured in issue No. 14:
"An interview featuring with DEADPOOL, Fear of the Fool / Aura Fitzgerald, Sharpen Your Nails / Bcreative Wilde, Life on the Lam / Tara De Vries, The Daring Life… Trolley Trollop, Lolita Style / MOEKO, Update or Die / Spike Clemenceau, Ghostly Advice / Liza Veliz.. FREE Gift “Sword in the Darkness” by TfAtN."

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