CasperTech Grid-Wide Easter Egg Hunt Dark Passions

The Great 24 Hour CasperTech Easter Egg Hunt!

April 05, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Also Available in Maitreya & Belleza Versions

Get Hopping!!!......
You now have (less than) 24 hours to get lots of free items in the Great CasperTech Grid-Wide Easter Egg hunt!

It seemed to be a last minute announcement as most merchants didn't find out about the hunt until Friday but it also seemed like great fun. Instead of just putting regular item out Dark Passions decided to make you something new that works for Easter, Spring and year round if you like wonderland, rabbits or pastels.

For one day only you can get these for FREE if you are willing to hunt them. After the Event they will be available in store for 99L.

Over 150 stores joined up to make this hunt one of the biggest 24 hour egg hunts in SL.  Many stores have more than on egg to hunt. Dark Passions has 3 one for each applier type.
Get The Complete List of Stores Participating!

Hint for Dark Passions:
Behind Each Doorway You May Find Opportunity ( hint goes for all 3 eggs)
Don't have time to hunt and want to get them anyway?
Purchase them the SL Marketplace:

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