Dark Passions Horror Haute

Dark Passions @ The Best of Horror Haute

July 08, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Dark Passions is bringing you savings on items from Horror Haute's past rounds we've participated in. All items are 50% off their original price and the gacha is 50L per pull.

The 2 dresses are from the very first HH round. One of them the Cross print version is a limited print I no longer sell on MP or in the main store but I brought it back for this round only. Other nail items are from the Movie Monsters round, the Vampires round and the most recent Voodoo Round. The Gacha is from the very first round of the Witching Hour.

Event Name: Horror Haute
Event Dates: July 1 - Aug ? (end date to be announced)
Sale Discount: 50% off on DP items only
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