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Thoughts On Blogger Nail Images & My Slink Obsession

July 15, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Image By Lyl Witch (Lylanis Resident)
My Slink Obsession (MSO) is back and bigger than ever! 
Only one week left of MSO & Dark Passions has 4 new nail designs there just for the Slink lover in you! The nail offerings this round range from a little bit of summer retro fun and elegance with a dash of spooky. Something for everyone! Not to mention they are discounted to 75L each!

Maitreya versions are not available at MSO. Why?
Because it is a Slink Event. Since I do not box mine together, I could not sell them at this event.

Note: If you go to Slink West and Look for the event where it used to be you will not find it. Check for the link below as it is an special location this round.

Blogger <3 and Thank Yous:
There have been lots of blogger images being passed around on these nails so I thought I would show a few off. Thanks to all the great bloggers sharing my work with all of you. Even if I didn't feature your image I really do appreciate each and every one of you on and off my team!

A Little On Nail Images From The Designers Perspective:
I know there has been a lot of chatter about designer demands on bloggers lately especially about showing off nail art. I just want to say I've never put that demand on anyone that they MUST do so. I love bloggers to be creative (no name pun intended) with what I pass on to them. I super appreciate it when a nail art show off image is incorporated beside the artsy image a blogger has created but it's never required. 

Image By Beu Anna
Have I asked if a blogger would consider nail closeups before joining the team? Yes, Sometimes my blogger manager or I have for those joining my blogger team as they are a part of my team and I'm mostly a nail store. So to me it makes sense to ask a blogger on my team to feature nails once in awhile as a sponsored blog. However to those blogging groups or event bloggers, I'm just excited they thought my work was inspiring enough to blog it. I would never directly scold anyone for just a name drop because they didn't even have to do that if they didn't want too. 

The only time I have ever sent a message to an event blogger about my nails was when I noticed they forgot to clear their materials layer and the old materials was showing on my nail image making it look incorrect. Did I make it a big deal? No! In fact I was even a little uneasy about IMing them about it. I didn't want to become "That Designer" who complains. They were actually glad I let them know and re-shot the images which I didn't expect or demand that she did so. It just shows that kindness and how you talk to someone goes a long way.

Don't get me wrong, I do love it when I see close ups of my nails as you can see in the images in this post. I spend many hours making and editing my tiny Slink nail art and then more time converting it to Maitreya. So when I see a good show-off image, I do squeal for joy. Seeing it close up on an avatar in world helps show people what they are buying. So yes close-ups help advertise my product better. However as an artist, I also love the artsy shots without close ups too. After all, the over all look can't be complete with out those tiny bits too.

I guess we all must keep in mind each store owner has their own vision for their product. If your vision doesn't mesh with theirs, there are plenty of other stores to blog items for that will. I say if someone is gonna be demanding and seems to think they can tell you what to put on your blog then just move on. I've had a blogger or two ask me what I personally look for in a blogger for my store. I took the time to explain what I look for and why in a friendly way. I know many designers are busy and don't have time to explain. Lately I've been in busy mode myself.

So Bloggers please take note from this nail maker. Have fun with what I created for others to wear. I hope it inspires a great look. Your time and hard work is appreciated. Thanks for all your blood, sweat and virtual paper cuts!

Keep On Blogging Beautifully!
Bcreative Wilde
Owner of Dark Pasions - Koffin Nails

Event: My Slink Obsession

Dates: June 5-22,2015

Price Rage: All Items 75L

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