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The Wizarding Faire... Time is Running Out!

July 24, 2015Bcreative Wilde

The Wizarding Fair is nearing it's end for this year!

Don't miss out on the amazing and whimsical designs you can find there. The Sweater and Nails above are part of Dark Passions offerings this year as well as Sweaters for all Houses and 2 other nail designs for Slink & Maitreya.

Even the Lindens are getting Wizardly. I happened to catch one shopping the fair and making a purchase from my booth before I grabbed a shot of them at the fair. Yeah I'm a little obsessed when I see Lindens purchasing my things. To my knowledge I've only had one other linden employee purchase my nails.  Thanks Shaman Linden for stopping by and supporting designers in SL!

Tomorrow July 25th is the last day to be sure to grab your broom stick and fly on over to check it out!

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