Dark Passions Vintage & Cool Fair

Vintage & Cool the Dark Passions Way

August 30, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Have you been to Vintage & Cool yet? Dark Passions has 3 new exclusives in Slink, Maitreya, & Belleza to help you wander back through yester-year!

Bold & Bishy for the 80's craze of bold color choices, Lava Lamp Lovin' to get your grove on through the early 70's & late 60s as well as rolling back to that jazzy time when Art Deco was all the rage with Art Deco Delights!
Added Bonus: I've gone back through all the nails that fit this theme and made sure they all have Slink, Maitreya and Belleza versions for your mesh body happiness! So some of your old retro favorites might fit your new fave body. Only Exclusion to this is the Limited Slink item and the Gacha.

Gacha.Event: Vintage & Cool Fair
Discount: 20% off on Event Exclusives
Dates: August 21 - Sept 4th

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