Dark Passions Pumpkin Town

Dark Passions @ Pumkin Town

October 09, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Image By Shadow Rothmanay - Nails Featured: Lacey Leaves
It's that time of year and the pumpkins have rolled back into town! That's right year 6 of Pumpkin Town is here! Some of you may have visited already as the event started on the 1st but maybe you missed somethings and would like to return.

Dark Passions has many gifts around the grid this month, this event holds 2 of the freebies. One is a gift that can be found in my store and the other is a hunt item. Each store at this event has a freebie inside its doors just waiting for you! There are no hints for the hunt so I will include an image of what you are hunting for in this post. It is a little mummy like monster that you need to find.
Look For These Little Monsters To Find The Hunt Items

There's one nail exclusive for sale here an it is pictured above called Lacey Leaves. Features black laces leaves with fall color choices on the glosses.

Event: Pumpkin Town
Dates: Oct. 1-31, 2015
Event Website: http://pumpkin-town.blogspot.no/
To The Event

New Exclusive Item At Pumpkin Town
Hunt Prize At Pumpkin Town
Free Gift Found In The Dark Passions Booth

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