Carver's End Dark Passions

Last Day For Carver's End!

November 21, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Today is the last day to get your scare on at Carver's End and grab all the free prizes. Each designer listed above has at least 2 prizes for you to discover for free. There are no hints but you are looking for rats and they are hidden everywhere throughout the experience.

Dark Passions has 2 prizes for you! One of which is a limited edition set that will not be sold after.
Check the prize images below!

More Event Info:
A completely interactive and "rewarding" Second Life Gaming Experience with multiple levels across several sims & challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from dozens of KILLER designers. See the Horror Event of the YEAR, this year and every year. Don't be the only one of your friends to miss out on what some have called ..."The Scariest Haunted House in Second Life!"

Developed by the Pulse Games/Snatch City Team
Storyline, Puzzles, Scripting & Special Effects by Pulse Games
Awesome Prizes & Gifts from dozens of your fave designers

Event: Carver's End
Dates: Oct. 21 - Nov. 21
Hunt Prize: No Hints
Event Webpage:

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Dark Passions Carver's End Prizes

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