Akira Voorhees Dark Passions

Dark Passions Round 3 Rotating Blogger Team

January 25, 2016Bcreative Wilde

It's that time! Time to see who will be chosen for the next Rotating Team blogger round. My blogger manager Akira and I are excited to see what the new group will bring to the table in uniqueness to show off  what ever offerings I come up with this round.

Invites were sent this past weekend. If your name is listed and you didn't get an invite to the group or a welcome notecard please contact Akira Voorhees in world. If we don't have you in the group by Jan. 29th we reserved the right to offer your spot to another blogger of our choosing.

Congratulations and welcome to Round 3 new and returning bloggers!


*Note the names are listed in the order they appear in the order they applied to the team. Also if you are a previous round blogger remember you had to apply to be considered for aninvite to the next round it was mentioned several times. Sorry if you missed out but that has always been the rule.

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