Dark Passions The Nightmare

The Nightmare Returns

October 06, 2016Bcreative Wilde

Image by: Violette Ravenilii - Nails Featured: Arachnophobia

Yes!! The Nightmare is back!
If you remember The Nightmare from last year then you know it is a not to be missed hidden gem during October!

It is an interactive HUD based hunt where you must find all a certain item to unlock all the prizes designers have in the coffins at their booths. I haven't tried it out this year but I know some that have and I've been told if you don't like freaky scary nightmare like environments then this hunt may not be for you!  But if you are like me you will knock yourself out and dive right into the Nightmare!

I know this event doesn't seem to be advertised many places but trust me it is amazing with amazing designers. I really think the main reason for this is due to the fact that if it was overly advertised it would be too crowded and that is not fun for anyone.

So this is my push..............GO TO THE NIGHTMARE THIS OCTOBER!

Event: The Nightmare
Dates: Oct. 1 - 31 ( I assume it ends on the 31st. I have not seen an official end date to be honest)
Interactive Hunt w/Free Prizes & Event Exclusives

To The Event

Event Exclusive
Hunt Prize

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