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Dark Passions @ the Summer KT Creators Festival

July 23, 2017Bcreative Wilde

KT Festivals stages several creator festivals a year  in SecondLife where designers and creators can showcase their products. With stalls, competitions, gacha and auctions there  is something for everyone. Profits go to a chosen charity which changes with each Festival. This year's chosen charity is the World Autism Organisation.

Dark Passions has joined up this round bringing you two new items that give 50% of the sale price to the charity. I'm really excited that I could finally have an event to create these for. I know several of my customers have asked for Autism Awareness nails in the past.

All additional fatbacks I have at the event will also give 50%. Not only that but all are marked down to 200L.

Thanks to bishybaby resident for the blog image to the right of the Autism Awareness nails pictured below.  I decided to create 2 versions one is more cutesy for those that don't like the super bold colors in Autism Awareness II.

There are many other fun activities, gachas, DJs and one of a kind auctions at the event so please stop by and just donate if you don't want to buy anything.

Event: Summer KT Creators Festival
Dates: July 14 - 30, 2017
Charity: World Autism Organisation
Donation: All Dark Passions Items Donate 50%

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