Dark Passions Gacha Garden

Dark Passions @ Gacha Garden

November 14, 2017Bcreative Wilde

Image by Violette Ravinelli  - Nails Featured: Lost Roses - Red
It's been awhile since I made a Gacha and so far I'm loving my time and energy put in to this one. This is my first time at Gacha Garden and I want to say a big thank you to the owner for how amazingly put together this Gacha Event is! I mean they even have a story video about their event!

The Gacha Garden Animated Short from Bella Gacha on Vimeo.

If you have never been to Gacha Garden it is a little different than your average Gacha. During each round designers create a special prize called "The Seed of Inspiration" This prize is a 20 pull prize and it is Transfer as well so if you play it 40 times you will get 2 and best part is the special prize is also transfer so you can give away your extra if you earn more than one. These prizes will eventually be really rare as once the event is over they are retired so only those who earned them will have them.

Dark Passions Gacha features 11 prizes (10 Common & 1Rare) plus the Seed of Inspiration. Each Pull is only 50L and you get all the Huds Slink/Omega & Maitreya. This time no separate machine for Maitreya.

Event: Gacha Garden
Dates: November 1 - 30, 2017
Price: 50L per play
Rare Chance: 13%

To Gacha Garden

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