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Dark Passions Returns To Ostara's Altar

March 24, 2018Bcreative Wilde

- Image By: Shari Cortes - Nails Featured: Ostara's Opus (5L Hunt Prize) - 
Spring has arrived as Ostara's Altar rolls back on the gird. Dark Passions is there with a new exclusive and a 5L Hunt Prize just for you. To find the prize hunt the Ostara Eggs hidden around the venue. Each one hides a special new item from each designer at the event.

Several of you know that these events are held by yours truly and I just want to thank all of you that take the time to stop by and support these shopping events. I have been having a lot of fun creating these events that are not just for shopping but give you an experience as well. I hope you enjoy Ostara's Altar this year as well as other Dark Passions Events

Event: Ostara's Altar
Shopping Guide: https://darkpassionsevents.wixsite.com/secondlife/sg-ostaras-altar-2018
Dates: March 16 - April 3, 2018
Hunt Egg Hint: When you find me it will be "crystal" clear.

To Ostara's Altar

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