Dark Passions e2v vendor retirement

Dark Passions News About Gift Cards & Store Credit Due To E2V Vendor System Retirement

April 17, 2018Bcreative Wilde

Dear Dark Passions Customers,

As I'm sure you have heard the E2V vendor system which many of your favorite designers use will go offline and stop working on May, 31st. Dark Passions uses this system too so this will effect my store as well.

This was not the news I was hoping to receive before taking my first sip of coffee on April 11, 2018. I joined the likes of many other store owners in the search for an adequate replacement to fit my store. Currently we are waiting on the owner to allow us to have a way to transfer past purchases  and possibly credit but it is by no means a guarantee it will be completely possible.

Below I will list information on what you should do to prepare for this transition- Not to mention this also helps me speed up this tedious process. I know many stores have implemented a "use it or lose it policy" for store credit.  I'm trying to be as kind as I can to my shoppers by offering the 500L cut off. I'm only one person so I can only do so much as it takes lots of time to move to a new system and transfer info if/ when it is possible to do so. If you need more credit to use your saved credit, see below on how to top up your credit.

Currently, I’m looking into several vendor systems, trying to find out which will fit Dark Passions best, and I will keep you updated about when I’ll be making the switch.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you as it is also an inconvenience to myself. I hope you will understand reasons for my decisions. I'm trying to be as fair as possible.

Owner of Dark Passions
Bcreative Wilde

Read The Details Below About Store Credit & Gift Cards

About Store Credit:

  • If you have less than 500L$ in store credit please use it now.
  • If you have a credit of 500L$ or more I will keep a record and copy it over to the new system.
  • If you need more credit to be able to spend it, you can add additional credit by paying the extra to the "Store Credit Terminal" (see below on how to top up credit)
  • Note: I know some of you might wonder if your credit is close to 500L if I will still transfer it. I would love to say yes but I need to stick to the amount set for cut of other wise where do I stop the cut off? You can always add credit to make your total 500L$ if that helps.
  • For now you will not get store credit on purchase with your group tag and giftcards will not be available for sale until further notice.
About Unredeemed Gift Card:

  • Last day to redeem your gift card for store credit is May 15th. After this date all gift card redeeming vendors will be removed from the store and gift cards will be void.
  • Personal messages have been sent to all buyers of gift cards which haven’t been redeemed yet. Keep in mind that I can only see who bought the gift card, if you gave it away and the person didn’t redeem it, I can not see it in my system! So please notify anyone you gifted Dark Passions gift cards to. If you no longer speak to that person or they left SL, sorry there is nothing I can to to fix that situation.
  • There are gift cards that some may have due to contest, events or gifts from me. If you have these please redeem them as I have no record as to who has them. After the servers go offline I will have no way of validating gift cards.
FAQ's On How To Redeem Giftcards Or Add/Top-up Credit

How do I redeem my giftcard?

  • Wear Your Gift Card
  • Click The Redeem Gift Card sign at the main store
  • If the card is valid it will add credit to your account

How do I check my Credit?
  • Go to the main store
  • Locate the " Store Credit Terminal"  on the front desk
What if I have credit but not enough to spend it? (AKA Credit top up)
  • You can add L$ to your credit balance
  • Check your balance by clicking the "Store Credit Terminal" at the front desk
  • Pay the "Store Credit Terminal" the additional amount you need to buy the item. See Example below:
    • Example:
      • The item you want is 290L$
      • Your current credit is only 90L$
      • So you would pay the credit check terminal 200L$ to add it to your current credit amount.
      • Check your credit again you should now have 290L$ enough to buy the item and use up your credit

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