Dark Passions Gift

Last Day To Grab Gifts At Dark Passions

December 29, 2018Bcreative Wilde

Today is the final day to grab your gifts from under the tree at Dark Passions. They will disappear at some point on December 30th, 2018.

What's in the gifts you ask?

Green ribbon gift is a gift for all. It contains a new nail applier set.

The other two are group only gifts. It costs 100L to join the group but the prizes are well worth it. Not to mention if you stick around there are random gifts throughout the year, special deals, and  you always get 10% back when you shop at Dark Passions as a group member.

Purple Ribbon Gift is also a nail applier set. This one is a continuation of the group gift I made at Halloween time but this one has a December color palette,

Now for the red ribbon box... What could be hiding in there?
How about a 300L$ Gift Card!? Yes this is only for group members as an end of the year thank you for supporting my brand.

The gift card is easy to redeem (NC in the box) and you can use any combo of gift card, store credit and L$ to purchase items from the store. Credit/giftcard balance can be checked from any DP vendor by using the menu.

Hope everyone enjoys the gifts. Now on to 2019!

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