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Are you a Blogger interested in Blogging for Dark Passions? 
Please read all the information below on how you can become a part of our team!

There Are currently 2 blogger teams for Dark Passions:
  • The Elite Team - This is the original and main blogger team of Dark passions. It is sometimes called the Lucky 13 or main team. This team is compiled of a limited number of  blogs. These bloggers have the entire catalog of Dark Passions at their disposal to blog per request, get all new event items,when possible they are featured in advertisements, have their portrait and blog linked in the main store and a special page on the blog and work directly with the owner Bcreative Wilde. In return they are expected to blog more and put up the owners random IMs. :) Due to the limited space on this team and it's elite status, this team is now invite only.
  • The Rotating 31 - This team is a new idea starting in May 2105. This team has a max number of 31 bloggers which rotate every 4 months. Rotation/application dates are listed below. These bloggers will work mostly with our blogger manager. For the duration of their round they receive only select new items from events. In return they are expected to blog a minimum of 3 post per month. FYI it is possible to be selected in later rounds if you reapply.
Rotating Blogger Team Change Over Dates:
 Round 11
  • Applications Open: April 22
  • Applications Close: May 5
  • Blogger Round begins: As soon as accepted
  • Blogger Round ends: December 31, 2019
Note: In 2020 there will be a change in this team. We will only change team 2 times a year.  We will do a Spring/Summer round and a Fall/Winter round. Dates shown below are flexible. Notices will be sent when we clear the list and reopen apps.

Round 12 - Spring/Summer
  • Applications Open: January 2020
  • Blogger Round begins: As soon as accepted
  • Blogger Round ends: July 2020
Round 13 - Fall/Winter
  • Applications Open: July 2020
  • Blogger Round begins: As soon as accepted
  • Blogger Round ends: January 2021
Blogger Applications Are Currently Closed for The Rotating Team!

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