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"The Elite"

The main Dark Passions Elite Blogger team originally consisted of a total of 13 sponsored blogs which was known as The Lucky 13. Now it is "The Elite Team" as I felt the need to branch out and embrace other talented bloggers that have showcased my brand.
These blogs showcase my virtual designs along side many other great creators in Second Life. Since I created this team, I've formed close bonds and friendships with many of my bloggers that I wouldn't trade for the world. These are the ones that make me look good while helping you look good! Their dedication, inspiration and hard work is deeply appreciated. I can't thank this group enough for standing by my products.
Thanks for all the blood, sweat and virtual paper-cuts.

Lylanis & Bishybaby Akira Voohees Guen Gothly Namrah Fralto
Medow5571 Shilova Sinful Rhapsody Rissa Bolissima Morgana Hilra
Venom Zanzibar tukihana Boa Dannicka SueGeeli DeCuir
Aerlinniel Vella Melyna Foxclaw Astara

Honorary Bloggers

The Bloggers listed below are bloggers that have given a lot to my elite team in the past but for unfortunate circumstances they can no longer continue the work load of the demands of the VIP Team. As a thank you for their service and friendship I've listed them with and honorary blogger status.
It is considered an honor to be known as an honorary blogger for Dark Passions.
These bloggers still blog on occasion and have the privilege to ask for any Dark Passion item they would like to feature in their blog posts. They are also welcome to return to the VIP Team when their schedule allows once and a spot becomes available.
Thank you for everything!

GiaNikai Juliesse EternalNecrosis Vanyi Shari Cortes

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