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I'm always so excited when people love my products as much as I do. This page is a little thank you to those of you that take the time out of your day to say a kind word or two about my products. Those kind words really help inspire me to keep going as a designer. I pride myself on giving the best customer support I can within reason, but some days we have bad days and it's great to look upon this page and see that others appreciate what I do.
Thanks to all of you out there enjoying my products and sending new shoppers my way!

Much Love,
Bcreative Wilde
- Owner Of Dark Passions & Koffn Nails -

---------- CUSTOMER QUOTES, LOVE & REVIEWS ----------

"Just wanted to say You do amazing work with your business Koffin nails. Sometimes credit is never given but from all of mine you and yours are appreciated for your art and time"
~ Dreamsphere Zeimer, December 2017

"just sayin but you make some of the best nails out there."
~ Randy Glenfadden, October 2016

"I love your products! I am so glad you have stuff for Maitreya. Thank you for the awesome gifts and the like!"
~ Zsophia Innovia, March 2016

"Greetings B!  I just wanted to say I love your nails :)  I always find exactly what I'm looking for and the quality is great!   Thanks and have a great day :) "
~ Malkavyn Eldritch, February 2016

" I love your nails. They make me smile. Thanks for the great customer service! "
~ Mirabella Phoenix Maruti (Phoenix Maruti), October 2015

"Hi... First hand I would like to thank you for your lovely creations, so happy to find ones that have both hands and feet and that they are also made for Belleza \o/ So apreciate it!"
~ ιąɨιąηηɨ (Lailanni Resident), September 2015

"I first found your store a few years at the Goth Fair, I've been a fan since." 
~ ShelbyWindsor Resident, September 2015

"I've seriously loved your stuff (and your Customer Support) since the very first polish I bought from you when the vendor screwed up, so I bought the item at the MP and you refunded me the duplicate. It was something ridiculous like 5L....but that wasn't the point. Plus, your designs are SO cool."
~ Moonbeam Jillybean, September 2015

"Hi :)  was just going to send you a nc and saw in your profile its ok to IM.  Just wanted to say thanks for your awesome nails.  I have a maitreya body and i use them all the time.  Not many ppl in here say ty for all the time it takes to do this kind of thing so huge ty from me.  I will keep checking back for the retro gamer nails and the movie madness.  They are just great.  Thanks again for the great work!!   :) "
~ Bairre Resident, August. 2015

"Not only are these nails amazing and oh so delicious! I'd buy from the designer because of their great and honest service. I bought a set a nails from a fair and when the designer found out that the vendor had given out the wrong mesh applier for the nails (I wanted the maitreya and it gave me the slink version) I received a personal apology and the correct version right away. I hadn't even realized the mistake but someone else had alerted the designer about the problem and they fixed it for everyone. :) "
~ Envy Church (Envyhrh Resident), July 2015

"Great nails, perfect fit and attention to detail...just buy them, you can't go wrong! - Thank you Dark will be back for more!"
~ Chantal Memel, April 2014

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