Store Policies

Refund/Redelivery Policy:

Note: Due to people cheating with false claims over the years in SL, these rules will be enforced with no exceptions! Please understand this.
  • NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES on purchasing the wrong applier brand or item. Please read the sign carefully & check for the logo of the brand you seek. I try very hard to make sure it is well labeled with text & logos. I didn't see the sign/logo is not a good excuse.
  • NO REFUNDS on items that are no transfer and/or copy. All purchases are final. Why? Because it is no transfer meaning you can not return the item.
  • NO REFUNDS because you didn't like the item or it didn't fit properly. If there is a Demo please try it first. This is why designers create demos when they can.
  • NO REFUNDS on duplicate purchases if you bought items after 30 days as SL only saves transaction history for 30 days. As of Nov. 2016 I use E2V for redelivery but not all events and locations allow the use of vendor system so the 30 day rule stands. 

Below are the ONLY reasons Dark Passions will Refund or Exchange Items:

  • Refunds may be granted for duplicate purchases within a day of the first purchase. The only exclusion to this would obviously be Gachas where duplicates are part of the chance you take in playing.
  • If the items don't work. I will do my best to fix the item and offer an exchange. As the items are no transfer I can not offer refunds. 
  • If it is my fault. I'll admit when I make mistakes and make it right with my customers. If I set the vendor incorrectly and I catch or a customer notices it I will make it right with anyone that purchased from it. However not reading the vendors/images is not my fault. 


  • Redelivery can be done in world with most purchases using the redelivery vendor on the front desk at the main store. I now use E2V as my vendor system. I no longer use Caspervend if you had a purchase on Caspervend and need help getting a redelivery please contact me or use any Caspervend terminal to find old purchases.
  • If Redelivery does not work or you have missing items or failed transactions: Please send me a notecard with your ID transaction/order number (not the item number), date, item name, ect. Please Name the notecard with:  DP - FAILED TRANS - Your Name
  • If I don't answer you in a reasonable period of time (example 3-5 days) send me the notecard again, SL eats notecards sometimes.
  • If you do not contact me inworld, I can't help you. Please keep in mind I get many IMs a day please send NCs or Private messages only.
  • Transfer items are not possible to redeliver nor will they be replaced unless the orginal item can be transfered to me for repair.
  • Note: Some events do not allow vendor systems making redelivery not possible. Gachas and Hunt prizes are never added to the redelivery system. 
  • Events that are known to not allow vendor systems: (there may be others not in this list)
    • Cursed Events
      • World Goth Fair
      • A Clockwork Spiral
      • Gothmas By Gaslight
    • Gimmie Gacha Productions
      • Imaginarium - Additional items sold here along side the gacha can not be added to redelivery due to scripting to count as a pull for the 20 pull prize.

Gacha Policy:

  • Gachas are play at your own risk. 
    • There is no guarantee in which version/color you will get.
    • There are any number of Second Life glitches that can cause problems with scripted vendors and some of these may not provide creators with verification of your purchase. If there's  no way to verify your payment to the Gacha I can not help with a refund/exchange.
    • Bcreative Wilde may refund a single spin or two, but this is at her discretion, if there are extenuating circumstances, but this is a courtesy and not a requirement on her part.
  • Gacha Items Will NOT be sold outright to anyone.
    • Gacha items can only be purchased from the machine and will not be available for direct sale regardless of price offered.
  • NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES from purchasing the from the wrong Gacha be it mine or another stores Gacha you meant to click. Read the signs. You can always trade them with someone. It is not the creators fault you clicked the wrong Gacha.
  • NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENT for missing, lost or broken items from Gacha purchased from others or yard sales. Contact the Seller of the yard-sale item.
  • Gachas are NEVER subject to the redelivery due to being Transfer.

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