Dark Passions gacha

Lootbox Gacha - 1st Round For Dark Passions

April 12, 2018Bcreative Wilde

- Image By: Tukihana Boa - Nails Featured: Lagertha's Saga - Gold -
I'm super excited for the opportunity to be a part of Lootbox this round. I usually don't do 2 gachas in one month but I could not pass up this opportunity to join such an amazing event!

If you have never played Lootbox it is a little different. Instead of just getting a rare when you pull the rare at Lootbox you get a treasure box full of items. Each designer can choose what to put in the lootbox be it commons plus the rare or something completely new/special version. I decided to make my bonus loot special editions of some of the common nail textures so I hope you enjoy them.

Event: Lootbox
Dates: March 20 - April 16
Pull Price 50L
13% Chance to get the Rare Lootbox

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