Body Modification Expo Dark Passions

Dark Passions @ Body Modification Expo 2015

September 22, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Have you been to the Body Modification Expo yet?
This event Dark Passions is featuring a new set of nail art with some vintage tattoo flair! Tattoos are  a popular body modification and after several requests for something like this I gave in and made it happen. These are only available in Slink & Maitreya by design. Each set is a little different as not all nail art template for appliers are created equal.

I did include flipped text versions so both hands can have the writing the correct direction it just takes some creative thinking to get it to work. With Slink you must use a V2 Slink HUD to turn spell out the words. Maitreya you click the image from the thumb nail and it will spell out words. Trust me the words are on the hands. However as the Maitreya advert states, I could not do this with the toes as one side will always be flipped wrong so you will only find image textures or a bonus no image just painted. Maitreya also has some Mystery Mix buttons for fun.

Event: The Body Modification Expo 2015
Dates: Sept. 12 - Oct 3, 2015
Discount: 20% Off Exclusives
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