Cosmetic Fair Dark Passions

Dark Passions @ Cosmetic Fair: Gachalicious

September 23, 2015Bcreative Wilde

It's Gacha time at Cosmetic Fair this round!

If you like gachas this is the place to be all vendors must have at least one gacha and some have extra products too. This round I have the Gacha items above in a  Slink gacha and a Maitreya Gacha (not shown/same textures). There are 10 total to collect The rares are bigger sets of nine and commons are a set of 3 textures. Pull price is 50L. I hope you enjoy my offerings for this Gacha. I chose stripes/lines as my theme for it as you can tell. I like to theme things when I can. This Gacha is titled "Yikes Stripes!"

I also have 2 other nail offerings for those of you that to not enjoy gachas. They come in all 3 popular mesh body types slink, belleza and maitreya.  Each are 100L.

Event: Cosmetic Fair
Dates: Sept. 15-30
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