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Up For Auction @ MadPea's SL Celebrity Auction

September 25, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Come and bid on well known SL residents and get great prizes and rewards a total of 62 of very generous residents of Second Life who are putting their time on the block to raise funds to complete a school classroom for Live and Learn in Africa. 


And believe it or not among all these well known names there is ME (Bcreative Wilde) the owner of Dark Passions - Koffin Nails & 10+year experienced SL DJ!

What I am Offering:
"Winners have the choice of a custom made nail applier set for slink, Maitreya or Belleza (or more than one applier type) or a 2 hour DJ set during EU time zones.
If the winner chooses a nail applier set I will send them a NC of questions to help guide me into creating something they would like to have with a bit of my own creative freedom. This nail set will never be resold.
If the winner chooses a DJ set please keep in mind I mostly DJ the darker side of music but I can also to 80s pop if needed. My Sets are generally a mix of goth, dark wave, industrial, metal, punk, metal and/or classic rock. The set will be max 2 hours and held before 3:00PM SLT. Sorry it's the time zone I'm stuck with."
The bid jumped to 15K on me within hours of the event opening.. I know that seems high & I actually didn't expect it to go that high but it is for charity so it's a good thing. Unadvertised Bonus: If you and your friends want to ban together I can make it so the group of you get the same nail applier as a bonded thing only a group of you share and I can even hang out with you or Skype chat with you all etc.

Event: MadPea SL Celebrity Auction
Dates: September 25, 26 & 27, 2015
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To The Event


Update: Bid stayed at 15K & The event goal was reached! Thanks to all that attended and donated to this great cause! My winner was Moxie Polano. Stay tuned I think I may need to take picks of what evolves from this. Winning item & mayhem! LOL

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