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Dark Passions @ The Mesh Body Addicts Sim

October 06, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Dark Passions has found a new satellite location on the Mesh Body Addicts Sim.  Stop by and check out my little booth. The Mesh Body Addicts Sim is dedicated to helping those who are new to mesh bodies in understanding how they work and how to look your best. There are lots of great shops on the sim and the Bi-Monthly shopping event will also take place on this sim. I'll be a guest coming up this month so be sure to be ready to shop!

- Weekly Sale -
You may have also noticed the weekly sale item pictured. Most of the shops on the sim participate in  a weekly sale item that is either 25% or 50% off.  This is Dark Passions Weekly item all 3 versions are 50% off so grab them all or just the one for your fave mesh body.

To The Mesh Body Addicts Sim

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