Friday, October 2, 2015

Where To Find Dark Passions This October!

Image Taken at Pumpkin Town 2015
It's that time of year... pumpkins.. bats.. black cats.... A time when the darkness rises and everyone searches for their inner creepy! Which means Dark Passions is a very very busy b-at! Sorry no busy B(ee) jokes.....

Even The Lindens Enjoy Pumpkin Town
I don't normally give you a calendar of events but I thought it might be handy this month so you don't miss out on the new items, deals, freebies & hunt items galore this month. A special thanks to those that came out yesterday to hang with me at the Pumpkin Town opening. I was invited to guest DJ the opening. Even Xiola Linden popped by. To those of you that don't know yes I am a DJ. I have been since 2004 however due to falling back in love with designing I only DJ special events and random shows these days. Maybe I should add a page to my blog for random DJ events so you don't miss out.

October Events:

Oct 1 - Oct 31 - Pumpkin Town
                       ( Event Bonus: 1 free gift & 1 hunt prize )
Oct 1 - Oct 31 - The Nightmare
                       ( Event Bonus: 1 hunt prize )
Oct 1 - Oct 20 - The Alchemy (Round Sponsor)
                       Save 20% On Exclusives
Oct 9 - Oct 31 - 2nd Annual Ghoul Fest Hunt & Sidewalk Sale 
                       ( 50% Off Older Items & Event Bonus: 1 hunt prize )
Oct. 15 - Oct 31 - slGoth Presents: Truth About Bats (Bat Charity)
                       1 Exclusive 100% Donation & All Other items give 50%
                       Bat Hunt: Hunt for a 50L gift card from Dark Passions
Oct. 16 - Oct 30 - Pastel Goth Fair
                        2 New Nail Appliers (Exclusive Bonus Fatpack + Omega - Test Run)
Oct. 17 - Oct 31 - Freak Show - A Gacha Carnival
                        1 New Spook/Halloween Themed Gacha (2 Machines: Slink & Maitreya)
                        You will also find 3 older Gachas there as well. Just in case you missed them.
Oct. 18 - Oct 31 - The Witchy Hour Hunt (Hunt Sponsor)
                         3 Prizes to Hunt - 1 For Each Applier Version. Hint Giver at Main Store Front Desk.
Oct. 20 - Nov. 19 - Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly Event
                         2 New Nail Appliers
                        (Exclusive Bonus Fatpack + Omega - Test Run)
Oct. 20 - Oct. 30 - Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto (50% Off  Sale)
                         One older item 3 versions 50% off - Item: Love Immortal - Tank Top
Oct. 21 - Nov. 21 - Carver's End by Pulse Games & Snatch City 
                         2 Prizes throughout the Game. One Towards the beginning and one towards the end.
                         1 of the prizes is limited edition colors and will only be found at this event.
Oct. 24 - Oct. 31 - 2nd Annual Hallo-week Sale @ Dark Passions
Oct. 30 - Nov. 8 - Hocus Pocus Hunt (This one is gonna be super fun)

I keep thinking there is something missing.. check back for updates. I'll try to remember to update the links when events are active!

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