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Dark Passions Sponsoring OTB Gacha - Bitter Love Round

February 16, 2016Bcreative Wilde

Only a few days left to grab these at On The Boardwalk Gacha this round! The theme was bitter love so I went with some hear designs of course. Some are just pretty and some are a bit bitter and dark. There are a total of 7 to collect from my Heart Breaker Gacha series. One rare & six commons.

As always I don't make you play for just 1 applier. Each HUD has at 3 choices and the rare has a full set of 9. Trading is always welcome in my store group feel free to join and trade for what you are missing.

Event: On The Boardwalk Gacha: Bitter Love
Dates: Feb. 1-18, 2016
2 Gachas - 1 Slink/Omega Version & 1 Maitreya Version
50L Per Pull - 13% Rare Chance
7 Nail Sets Total - 6 Common & 1 Rare

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