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Two Days Left To Test Your Love - XOXO Hunt

February 19, 2016Bcreative Wilde

You can head on over to Dark Passions and click the Envelope for Rules on how to play or check them out on the website. You'll find all the prize images there as well.  The Fatpack above is a 175L value so well worth it even if you pay the 50L. Note Item is only giftable from the vendor if you purchase it. Free won copies are no trans.

The Concept:

Between Feb 14th and Feb 21st, TP to any of the participating creators’ store and find their loveletter.

Our hunt gives you a chance of either:
  • Getting the item for free, depending on your kissing luck by saying xoxo in general chat
  •  …or buy the item for 50L from the easel.
All you have to do is locate the easel and the loveletter. Remember only 1 play per 24 hours.

Event Name: XOXO Hunt
Dates: Feb 14 - 21, 2016
Blog: https://xoxohunt.wordpress.com/

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