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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Event - Dark Passions

April 26, 2016Bcreative Wilde

The last few months I've been taking part in several charity events. Most of these have been for Relay For Life but this time I took the time to help the family of one of SLs own. As much as I enjoy giving to organizations like RFL it feels even better to giver direct to someone you know or that your friends know.

I was asked by several blogger friends to join up with this event and even though I don't know the family personally after just hearing about the situation I couldn't ignore it. If you would like to read more about the story behind the event see the link in the event details area.

You will find one new release from Dark Passions here. It's more of a recolor by request but I'm sure many of you will enjoy it. It's called "Hope In Purple". It only comes in the fat pack but it's priced at only 60L. All other older FatPacks found at this event are marked down to 200L and all proceeds go to help Huntar and his family.

Only 2 days left so please stop by even if it is to drop off a donation!

Event: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Dates: April 20 - April 27
FB Info:
Donate Direct:
All items give 100% proceeds to event charity
Discount: All older FatPacks discounted by 75L off (Reg Price 275L)

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