Black Fashion Fair Dark Passions

Dark Passions @ Black Fashion Fair

April 26, 2016Bcreative Wilde

Image By LylWitch Resident - Nails Featured: Black on Black

The darkness is upon us, Black Fashion Fair is open!

Black you say.... then black you shall have! This round I did a set I've been wanting to do for quite awhile which was a basic black set but then I threw in a few of your favorite designs and worked some black on black magic to bring you the ultimate black nail set. I have basic black from matte, semi gloss to gloss and some mix and match black and matte designs in this set. I know if you are a fan of black nails you must have this in your nail collection.

I also added 2 other sets here one is a very funky op-art design called "Entrapped Noir" and I even have a 1L$ gift this round which is a FatPack called "Aged To Perfection". To find the gift look for the gift box in the middle of the room. Image of the gift is in front of it.

Hope you enjoy the blackness I've brought this round!

Event: Black Fashion Fair
Dates: April 15 - 29, 2016
Bonus 1L Gift At Event

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