Arora Zanzibar Body Art Hunt

Hunting Time Again At Dark Passions - Body Art Hunt II

June 09, 2016Bcreative Wilde

Image By: Arora Zanzibar - Nails Featured: Sperm-tastic
Are you ready for some free hunt goodies from Dark Passions?

These nails might tickle your funny bone! Yes, those are little wiggly sperms on her nails. This is why hunts should never give me daring themes. This year for Body Art Hunt II the theme was "Far From The Norm" and I took that to heart or to bodily fluid if you want to get technical.

Where can you get these "Sperm-tastic" Nails? At Dark Passions of course as it is a main store hunt but I will also include a link to the hunt page so you can get all the bazaar goodies you need.

Special thanks to this amazing nail shot pictured above. Arora Zanzibar is new to my blogger team for the newest blogging round that started this month. This is such a fantastic shot I had to share it here too!

Event: Body Art II Hunt
Dates: June 1 - June 30, 2016
Hunt Hint Page:
Dark Passions Hint: I'm hidden behind an addictive machine
To Dark Passions

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