Monday, October 31, 2016

Dark Passions @ The First Linden Labs Sponsored Second Life Shopping Event

Image By Guen Gothly - Nails Featured: Halloween Essentials

Grab These Halloween Essential Nails @ Shop Till  You Drop!

The nails can also be found at the main store as they were not an exclusive but be sure to check out the 20 designers LL picked to be a part of this event. I was very surprised an excited to be selected to be one of the spooky designers for the sale.

The new items are event priced all other items at the event are 31% Off.

Event: Shop Til You Drop
Dates: Oct 21 - Oct 31

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Dark Passions Halloweek Just Got Sweeter!

It's Halloween and you know I love to shake it up. This year I decided to go wild and make the last 31 hours special! All Halloween day and part of Nov. 1 you can save 31% off the entire store with the few only a few exclusions listed in the poster.

Yes this year you can play all the Gachas 31% off too - 35L Per play!

I also brought out the Fall Cutouts that were the Secret Code vendor prize.. If you missed out on getting them free.. Get them at a special fatpack discount price. 50L for Group Members and 75L for non-groupies.

Halloweeen Special Deal Item.. It's NEW too!
Groupies Get it free amd  Non Groupies get it half off during the 31hour Flash Sale!

To Halloweek @ Dark Passions

Sale Start: Oct 31 - 4amSLT
Sale End: Nov. 1 - 12pm SLT (noon)

Halloween Deal 2016 - Free for Groupies 1/2 price for Non-groupies

Friday, October 28, 2016

Dark Passions @ Haus of Swag

Image By: Sinful Rhapsody - Nails Featured: Luscious Lips
I have some uniquely fun designs for you this round. These are hand drawn in two styles because I could not decide which I liked best. Not sure but they might be a little Rocky Horror Inspired as well since I made them the day the Remake was released.

So get ready for some Lushious Lips with dripping paint, melted metal and glitter-paint!

Event: Haus of Swag
Dates: October 21 - November 4, 2016

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Annual Halloweek Sale @ Dark Passions

It's everyone's favorite week............Halloweek!
I do apologize that I didn't post it here earlier but there's still plenty of savings until Halloween!

The Deals:
  • 13% Off the entire main store (Excluding: Gachas & Bargain Wall items)
  • 31% off 13 Select Items - Bonus fun as 3 deals change each day til Halloween!
  • Group Members Earn Double Store Credit on all purchases (Wearing Group Tag Is Required)
  • Extra giveaways and gifts closer to Halloween (some are group only)
  • Bonus: For a short time Group Join will be free starting before I go to bed on Oct 27th (Part of Thursday Oct 27, Friday Oct 28 & Saturday Oct 29 only) Join to get bonuses this Halloween!
Hope you enjoy the savings! If you are looking for some spooky nails to add to your collection be sure to check out some of my styles from last year that were only in Slink. I've updated quite a few sets this month.

To The Halloweek Sale @ Dark Passions

Grab Some Gifts And Deals @ Trick Or Treat Lane

Image By: Sinful Rhapsody - Nails Featured: Sugar  Skulls
Image By: Marilyn Mayr - Nails Featured: Trick Or Treat
Trick or Treat Lane is a little pet project by yours truly. Take a trip to the fall festive path of deals and free gifts. We have 21great designers that have all joined agreeing to create one free exclusive gift just for you! That's not all they also either chose a new exclusive or at least one item at a 31% off discount. Many chose several items or their whole shop at a discount.

I have a free nail set called "Trick or Treat" which feature candy silhouettes being dropped into a paper bag. Cute and festive I'm sure they are a must have in your collection. I also have a new non-exclusive called "Sugar Skulls." Many of you have been asking me for some sugar skulls so I hope these hand drawn designs fit the bill. Not only do I have a new item but I do have 5 older items marked 31% off in my little shop.

Event: Trick Or Treat Lane
Dates: Oct. 18 - Nov. 1, 2016

Shopping/Gift Guide 

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- Free Gift At Trick Or Treat Lane -
- New Release At Trick Or Treat Lane -

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Nightmare Returns

Image by: Violette Ravenilii - Nails Featured: Arachnophobia

Yes!! The Nightmare is back!
If you remember The Nightmare from last year then you know it is a not to be missed hidden gem during October!

It is an interactive HUD based hunt where you must find all a certain item to unlock all the prizes designers have in the coffins at their booths. I haven't tried it out this year but I know some that have and I've been told if you don't like freaky scary nightmare like environments then this hunt may not be for you!  But if you are like me you will knock yourself out and dive right into the Nightmare!

I know this event doesn't seem to be advertised many places but trust me it is amazing with amazing designers. I really think the main reason for this is due to the fact that if it was overly advertised it would be too crowded and that is not fun for anyone.

So this is my push..............GO TO THE NIGHTMARE THIS OCTOBER!

Event: The Nightmare
Dates: Oct. 1 - 31 ( I assume it ends on the 31st. I have not seen an official end date to be honest)
Interactive Hunt w/Free Prizes & Event Exclusives

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Event Exclusive
Hunt Prize

Monday, October 3, 2016

Dark Passions @ Pumpkin Town - 3rd Times A Charm!

Image By: Venom Zanzibar - Nails Featured: Skele-Kitty Tree

OooooOOOooooOoo! October is here!!!
Yes time to get spooky and the best place to begin is by rolling out the pumpkins at Pumpkin Town!

This year I have so many amazing gifts and goodies for my little ghoulish fans. You will find two lovely frees at Pumpkin Town. One is a gift called "Next November" and the other is a hunt prize called "Skele-Kitty Tree". Special thanks to Venom Zanzibar for this spooktacular imagery featuring the Skele-Kitty Nails. The hunt prize and the exclusive new item "The Great Pumpkin" are original hand drawn artwork from yours truly. Hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned I may return to DJ at Pumpkin Town again if you missed me on Oct. 1st!

Event: Pumpkin Town
Dates: Oct. 1 - 31

To The Event
New Exclusive Item
Hunt Prize - Get A Hint At The Dark Passions Booth
Free Gift - At Store Booth

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dark Passions @ Applique

Back for another round at Applique!

For this one I decided to revive a series I started years ago with a huge revamp. Some of you may recall the "Shades of....." series. I never fully finished that line but with reason. I wanted to revamp it so there were shine versions and both the gradients & solids were in one set and that is just what I did.. 48 texture options in one color. Let me tell you that's a lot of work. Not only will you get basically 4 regular sets in one but you will also get all the HUD types in one pack. Sorry I will be only selling it as a FatPack.  BTW price wise it is a super deal especially if you snatch it now!
Event Promo Price is 395L (Reg price 425L). This may sound high but it's not considering this set would normally be 4 FatPacks at 290L each . You will saving more than 735L if they were sold as separate FatPacks.

Note: The new shades of series is considered version 2 and does not qualify for a free update if you own the old series. For many of these sets some of the textures will be modified as well.

The second set of nails I have for you are some fun hand drawn fantasy trees I did. They were inspired by fall and maybe a little bit from the fantasy trees you see in World of Warcraft. What can I say Legion and some friends brought me back to WoW. I really love this set and I hope you do too. I made sure to include some fantasy colors rather than just fall so you can wear them year round if you like.

Event: Applique
Dates: Sept 23 - Oct. 7, 2016
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