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New Gift Cards Now Available At Dark Passions!

June 08, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Look What's New @ Dark Passions

After several requests I finally got around to making your dreams come true! Now you have an alternative for the nail collector that has so many HUDs you don't know what to gift to them. Gift them the gift of choice via a new Dark Passions Gift card.

These work on all items at the main store that are a part of the caspervend system. If you bump into a vendor that is not switched over to caspervend let me know. I'll get on as soon as I can. However please be aware the discount wall and special discount sales may not allow gift cards

Gift Cards amounts as shown in the image above:
  • 100L
  • 250L
  • 500L
  • 1000L
  • 2000L
  • Special Value Cards Available by Request
At this time they are ONLY Purchasable at the main shop.  This may change.
All cards are transferable so you can give them personally or purchase them as a gift from the vendor to have it directly sent.
All purchases of gift cards are final there's no refund of original or remaining totals.

Gift Card Deal Only Last June 8-16, 2015

The First 7 Customers to purchase a Giftcard Valued at 250L or more will earn a Bonus 100L GiftCard. Give one to a friend and keep one for yourself!

Customers Listed below have been sent at Gift Card. Once 7 names are listed here the Bonus deal is over. Keep in mind I can't update the list 24/7. If your name is listed here your bonus card was sent to you.

Congratulations Gift Card Winners & Thank You for Supporting Dark Passions!
  1. Moonbeam Jillybean
  2. Shari Cortez
 **** The giveaway has ended and only 2 claimed their prize.****
**** If  you purchased and I missed it please contact me! ****

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