A Tale of Wanders Dark Passions

The Gypsy Wagons Roll in.......

June 13, 2015Bcreative Wilde

Dark Passions is taking part in a A Tale of Wanders: Gypsies Arrive
This event allowed me to revisit one of my favorite skirts and create a print I've been wanting to do for a while now. Yes finally An Exclusive print for this event in tarot cards on the the Ramona skirt!

I know several have asked for this so I hope you enjoy what I came up with. The print is aged and faded much like a tattoo as I didn't like the bold brightness of fresh/new looking cards.

As a bonus for hunting down this skirt you will find it 20% off at this event only!

Event Name: A Tale of Wanders: Gypsies Arrive
Event Dates: June 13 - 27, 2015
Event Location

Dark Passions - Ramona - Fortune Teller

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