Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dark Passsions Supporting The Pulse Fundraiser

Image by: Lainey Thorne - Nails Featured: Pulse
Our hearts and thoughts have gone out to the victims and their families after the tragic event that happened earlier this month. The Pulse Fundraiser event was created as a way to help. All donations will go directly to Even better LL has agreed to waive the withdrawal fees so 100% collected will go to the fund.

It was important to me to be a part of this event as I really wanted to do something too. The event started over 48 hours ago and I can't say enough how amazed I am in the generosity from the Second Life Community. In the first 24 hours alone I had over 20K in donations from my items. I really can't wait to see the end total from everyone's generosity.

This event you will find 4 of my older items at 50% Donation and you will also find a very special limited edition nail set called Pulse. This nail set will never be sold again and I tried to make it affordable to all as it is an 80L Fatpack with 100% Donation. I also made sure to set the vendors so it is giftable if you want to send it to a friend. Please stop by even if it is to just drop some L$ into the donation box,

Event: Pulse Fundraiser
Dates: June 28 - July 12, 2016

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Cosmetic Fair is Back Again!

Image By nieandera Resident - Nails Featured: Crazy Daisy
Dark Passions has joined up at Cosmetic Fair again bringing you 3 new nail appliers for your summery looks! Two Daisy flowery looks which include fun colors and a black and white version for the dark side. I also did a recolor of the marble style nails you love. It was requested to do some pastel marbles so I hope you like them.

Event: Cosmetic Fair
Dates: June 15 - June 30, 2016

Dark Passions Joined Buy Now!

Image By Lylwitch Resident - Nails Featured: Sheer Magic - Soft Tones

New Item Shopping has never been easier! A monthly event without the event space, so everyone gets the goodies when they want them... Now!

I was super excited to be able to join in the 2nd round of this event. For the June round I brought out 2 versions of the same style nail. Every time I do a dark set of nails I get requests for a lighter version so I though hey why not. So here you have it!

Dark Passions will be a part of it next month as well. So look out for the July list too!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dark Passions @ Vintage Fair

Image By: Punkiss Resident - Nails Featured: Flapper Fancy
Image By: Phenella Resident - Nails Featured: Vintage Vixen
If you know me, you know I like to step back in time just as much as I like to keep it spooky. I was really excited and surprised to be invited to join Vintage Fair this year.

If the event was too packed for you when it opened now with only 5 days left it's a great time to explore and see what you might have missed. If you haven't been there yet then what are you waiting for??

I noticed I picked the perfect nail accessory styles as there are many great looks available at Vintage Fair to go with my choices. I chose to go with a 20s inspired nail set as well as a 50s/Rockabilly set. "Vintage Vixen" is a bit inspired by a limited edition set I did a few years back but since it was a slink only set. I decided to use bits from it to create something new for everyone. I hope you like it!

Event: Vintage Fair
Dates: June 10 - June 26, 2016

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Sale 6/18 @ Dark Passions

Grab these as part of  "The Saturday Sale".

The Sale only includes single applier packs and the fatpack will be available after the weekend.  However buying all 3 at 75L each is cheaper than the regular fatpack price so create your own fatpack and buy all 3.

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Rock On With Dark Passions @ Rock Attitude Fair 3

Image By: Rissa Bolissima - Nails Featured: Rock To The Edge

Image By: Lylwitch - Nails Featured: Rock To The Edge
Don't miss your chance to unleash your inner rock star at Rock Attitude Fair 3!

Today is the last day so don't miss out!

Dark Passions has one new rock-tastic nail design for you. Edgy metallic lightening bolt designs with choices of glitters or net with colors. Rock To The Edge is sure to add the final touch to your glam look.

I was so excited to be invited to this event this year so I hope you find something great here this year and enjoy what I've created too.

Event: Rock Attitude Fair 3
Dates: June 4-18, 2016

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Time To Get Tropical With Dark Passions

Image By: Sinful Rhapsody - Nails Featured: Tropical Daze
Time to grab your grass skirt and hit the beach!

Dark Passions was a little late to this event due to moving in RL but alas it was only a day and the lovely event holders were kind enough to allow me to get caught up to bring you the exclusive shown above and below. I've been wanting to do nails like this since last summer so I'm glad I had the perfect event to do so.

Only 2 days left to grab these at the event. I'm even behind on posts so sorry this one is so late. They will be available after the event as well.

Event: Tropical Summer Fair
Dates: June 3 - 17, 2016

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hunting Time Again At Dark Passions - Body Art Hunt II

Image By: Arora Zanzibar - Nails Featured: Sperm-tastic
Are you ready for some free hunt goodies from Dark Passions?

These nails might tickle your funny bone! Yes, those are little wiggly sperms on her nails. This is why hunts should never give me daring themes. This year for Body Art Hunt II the theme was "Far From The Norm" and I took that to heart or to bodily fluid if you want to get technical.

Where can you get these "Sperm-tastic" Nails? At Dark Passions of course as it is a main store hunt but I will also include a link to the hunt page so you can get all the bazaar goodies you need.

Special thanks to this amazing nail shot pictured above. Arora Zanzibar is new to my blogger team for the newest blogging round that started this month. This is such a fantastic shot I had to share it here too!

Event: Body Art II Hunt
Dates: June 1 - June 30, 2016
Hunt Hint Page:
Dark Passions Hint: I'm hidden behind an addictive machine
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Dark Passions Round 4 Rotating Blogger Team

It's that time! Time to see who will be chosen for the next Rotating Team blogger round. My blogger manager Akira and I are excited to see what the new group will bring to the table in uniqueness to show off  what ever offerings I come up with this round.

First I would like to apologize that it has take awhile to get this out. I was moving in RL. So invites and organization this round are a little past the normal.

Invites were sent a few days ago. If your name is listed and you didn't get an invite to the group or a welcome notecard please contact Akira Voorhees in world. If we don't have you in the group by June 15th we reserved the right to offer your spot to another blogger of our choosing.

Congratulations and welcome to Round 4 new and returning bloggers!



*Note: The names are listed in the order they appear in the order they applied to the team. Also if you are a previous round blogger remember you had to apply to be considered for an invite to the next round it was mentioned several times in group announcements, flickr, FB and the store blog page. Sorry if you missed out but that has always been the rule.
**If there is a line through the bloggers name they did not accept in the time given for some reason or another.