Monday, September 28, 2015

Dark Passions Enters The 5th Dimension @ Genre

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry

Prepare to enter another dimension that's just at your fingers (or toes). Dark Passions has nail appliers in your favorite applier models just right for Genre's Twilight Zone round. Available in Slink, Belleza & Maitreya. Save 20% for shopping at Genre!

Event: Genre
Theme: The Twilight Zone
Dates: Sept. 15 - Oct. 11, 2015
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Up For Auction @ MadPea's SL Celebrity Auction

Come and bid on well known SL residents and get great prizes and rewards a total of 62 of very generous residents of Second Life who are putting their time on the block to raise funds to complete a school classroom for Live and Learn in Africa. 


And believe it or not among all these well known names there is ME (Bcreative Wilde) the owner of Dark Passions - Koffin Nails & 10+year experienced SL DJ!

What I am Offering:
"Winners have the choice of a custom made nail applier set for slink, Maitreya or Belleza (or more than one applier type) or a 2 hour DJ set during EU time zones.
If the winner chooses a nail applier set I will send them a NC of questions to help guide me into creating something they would like to have with a bit of my own creative freedom. This nail set will never be resold.
If the winner chooses a DJ set please keep in mind I mostly DJ the darker side of music but I can also to 80s pop if needed. My Sets are generally a mix of goth, dark wave, industrial, metal, punk, metal and/or classic rock. The set will be max 2 hours and held before 3:00PM SLT. Sorry it's the time zone I'm stuck with."
The bid jumped to 15K on me within hours of the event opening.. I know that seems high & I actually didn't expect it to go that high but it is for charity so it's a good thing. Unadvertised Bonus: If you and your friends want to ban together I can make it so the group of you get the same nail applier as a bonded thing only a group of you share and I can even hang out with you or Skype chat with you all etc.

Event: MadPea SL Celebrity Auction
Dates: September 25, 26 & 27, 2015
Read More On MadPea's Blog

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Update: Bid stayed at 15K & The event goal was reached! Thanks to all that attended and donated to this great cause! My winner was Moxie Polano. Stay tuned I think I may need to take picks of what evolves from this. Winning item & mayhem! LOL

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dark Passions @ Cosmetic Fair: Gachalicious

It's Gacha time at Cosmetic Fair this round!

If you like gachas this is the place to be all vendors must have at least one gacha and some have extra products too. This round I have the Gacha items above in a  Slink gacha and a Maitreya Gacha (not shown/same textures). There are 10 total to collect The rares are bigger sets of nine and commons are a set of 3 textures. Pull price is 50L. I hope you enjoy my offerings for this Gacha. I chose stripes/lines as my theme for it as you can tell. I like to theme things when I can. This Gacha is titled "Yikes Stripes!"

I also have 2 other nail offerings for those of you that to not enjoy gachas. They come in all 3 popular mesh body types slink, belleza and maitreya.  Each are 100L.

Event: Cosmetic Fair
Dates: Sept. 15-30
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dark Passions @ Body Modification Expo 2015

Have you been to the Body Modification Expo yet?
This event Dark Passions is featuring a new set of nail art with some vintage tattoo flair! Tattoos are  a popular body modification and after several requests for something like this I gave in and made it happen. These are only available in Slink & Maitreya by design. Each set is a little different as not all nail art template for appliers are created equal.

I did include flipped text versions so both hands can have the writing the correct direction it just takes some creative thinking to get it to work. With Slink you must use a V2 Slink HUD to turn spell out the words. Maitreya you click the image from the thumb nail and it will spell out words. Trust me the words are on the hands. However as the Maitreya advert states, I could not do this with the toes as one side will always be flipped wrong so you will only find image textures or a bonus no image just painted. Maitreya also has some Mystery Mix buttons for fun.

Event: The Body Modification Expo 2015
Dates: Sept. 12 - Oct 3, 2015
Discount: 20% Off Exclusives
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dark Passions - Saving Sight Fundraiser Event

Saving Sight: SL Looks Out For It's Own is a fundraiser benefiting Shane Rodney Benbrook aka xJETx Chrome, the owner of DeadPool, who has been diagnosed with Graves Disease/Thyroid eye disease. You can read all about this story on his Gofundme account below. Candy Events is heading up this charity, including many designers coming together in hopes to raise funds to save Shane’s eyesight!  All designers are donating 100% of their sales to benefit Shane in this event!

I'm more than happy to be a part of this event. Shane has been a big supporter of my store back when it was much much smaller. I can't begin to repay his kindness but being a part of this event is a start. Please shop or give what you can! This event started on the 12th and many of you have visited but if you haven't you have until the 27th to do so!

 Dark Passions has 2 offerings for this event. One is called "Over The Moon" it is featured in the main image for 100L. We also have a very special limited edition item named after the event and ispired by part of the event poster. It's named "Saving Sight LTD" and it is priced at 150L. Both nail Appliers are available for purchase in the top 3 major body types for your nail applying pleasure (Slink, Belleza & Maitreya).

Event: Saving Sight
Dates: Sept. 12-27,2015
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What no discount this round?? I know many times I discount my exclusives but please remember this is a fundraiser, prices are not discounted. 100% of sales go directly to the cause. The nail applier named "Saving Sight LTD" is limited edition and will only be sold at Saving Sight! It will not return to the main store, market place or be sold by request after the event, so this is your only chance!

If you wish to make a donation to this event, Dark Passions does have a kiosk in the main store next to the Events wall or you can also do so at the event site.
Other Event Info Below
What is Graves Disease/Thyroid eye disease?

Friday, September 18, 2015

50% Off For A Limited Time @ Dark Passions

Did you miss your chance to get these 20% off at Genre last month? Don't worry Dark Passions has an even better deal for group members. These are 50% Off at the main store for a limited time. This is a special group only sale. Join the group in world and save as well as gain access to the bargain wall.

There is a 13L fee to join the group but you earn that back in store credit after a month. That's right every month get a group perk of 13L to your store account. Store credit is added each month on or around the 13th. Notices are sent to the group once it is added.

Sale Ends September 30, 2015
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Limited Edition Items @ HSE: A Gothic Wedding Affair

What would make your Gothic wedding day even better?
How about a limited edition items that only a few in world will ever own.

Only 25 of each applier will ever be sold. There are 2 versions a dark rich version shown above and a frosted version. This event ends soon an there are still some left so don't miss out on getting an item few will own. These are available in Slink, Maitreya & Belleza.

The vendors are gift-able so you can send one to your loved one as well.

Event: HSE: A Gothic Wedding Affair (Fall Edition)
Item: 2 Limited Edition Nail Appliers
Dates: Sept 12 - Sept 22 (Event Extended)
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Update: If you missed this event they are now available at the main store until Oct. 31 or until sold out (whichever comes first). After this time all leftovers will be moved to MP until sold out.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dark Passions @ London Docks' 1st Round

Image By ravenwings Resident
Image By Medow5571 Shilova
Time for some Elegant Steam punk with Dark Passions new item at London Docks! There were so many amazing shots of the dress and nails that I'm offering this round that I had a hard time picking which images to showcase here.

London Docks is a new bi-monthly event held from the 6th of one month tho the 6th of the next. Round one started on Sept 6 so still plenty of time to check out the offerings there. When you land please notice the Teleport on the elevator shafts of the bridge as there are designers down below not just on the top row of the bridge. I've hand many ask where my things are located at this event. You must take the Teleport down to the lower level to find my booth.

Event: London Docks: on the sixes
Dates: September 6 - October 6
Discount: 20% off new exclusive items
Exclusive Items Include: (see images)
    - 1 mesh dress in 2 color choices
    - 1 new set of nail appliers which match well with the dress
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paint My Nails 2 Hunt Prize From Dark Passions

It's Hunt time again! This time it's a whole hunt for the nail art lover in you!
Dark Passions is proud to be a Sponsor for the Paint My Nails 2 Hunt. There are lots of great nail art in this hunt so be sure to make your rounds and get your nails done for days!

This round I have 3 versions for you to hunt again. Yes I'm evil I know but at least you have more options than just slink. Look on the front desk for the hint giver if you forget the hints.

Hunt Name: Paint My Nails 2
Hint Page:!pmn2-hunt-hints/ajb36
Dates: September 7 - 20th
Prize Price: 5L
Hints For Dark Passions:
  • Hint A. (Slink version) Sometimes we gacha.
  • Hint B. (Maitreya version) Up high on an archway
  • Hint C. (Belleza version) Almost tangled in tentacles

Friday, September 4, 2015

Dark Passions @ The Alchemy

Dark Passions is someplace magically new to DP. This is a monthly event themed towards magic but other things are welcome. I have some Pastel Pentacle Passions this round. This alteration of Pentacle Passion was by request so I thought this event would be perfect.

Event: The Alchemy
Dates: Sept 1-20, 2015
Discount: 20% on DP items (other vendors selected their own discounts)
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dark Passions Blogger Applications Are OPEN!

It's September 1st and Round 2 of the rotating blogger team applications have officially opened! If you are a nail applier lover for slink, maitreya or belleza and have a love for dark or unique fashion than this is the team for you. Not to mention,  this round as it includes the spookiest month of they year and all that fall fun! So Apply & don't miss out!

Please click the Blogger Application tab at the top to read all the details about the rotating 31 team and the elite team that I call I call the Lucky 13. There are a few differences. Yes, you may reapply for this round if you have blogged in a previous round or on the elite team before. Current elite team members need not need to reapply as the main team is invite only.

I can't wait to see what new and returning bloggers create with the items for upcoming events! If you have additional blogger questions please contact my blogger manager Akira Voorhees as that's what her pretty face is there for. 

Good Luck to all the round applicants!

Bcreative Wilde
- Owner of Dark Passions -